... a gray day at the parking lot

... Happinstance??? Put up?? ...or for real???

from the SilverStringers

It was the evening of the Chamber hospitality night, when the store owners
get a chance to show-off their stuff. The place was the municipal parking lot
that runs between East Foster and Grove, on the east side. When our
reporter arrived, there was nary a space left -- except for one space
reserved for handicapped. Being in his middle eighties (with holders of a
state parking permit), we grabbed it. And there, in an opposite row, we
spotted all these gray vehicles, parked head-in, all different brands, all lined
up like we were at the dealers' place. Obviously, gray is the 'in' color for

P.S.: We recently bought a new SUV -- in darkish-gray!

August 7, 2015

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