A short article

... written by request

by Casa

Hi, my name is Casa; most of you know me from seeing me around Melrose, or by reading my articles in the Mirror.

My parent seems to be running writing dry this month so she asked me to
come up with a story for you all.

She certainly knows that I am a 14 year old Jack Russell. She also knows about The Dog Days of Summer:  Now this is usually the month of the “Dog Days” but last month met the challenge for my friends and me.

We have fans in the house, and air conditioners also but I do need to get out daily; and it was HOT.

My parent was kind enough to get up early so we could walk around 6AM human time, when it was a bit cooler, before the real heat of the day set in. I was able to, (and am always able to) rest on the sofa or chair in the living room with air conditioner and fan keeping me cool.

Being what is classed as an older dog most of you know my condition. I need to go out in the back yard more than once a day. My parent stood by the door as I dashed out into the yard, did my necessary things and dashed back in the house. I always get a treat after relieving myself so a quick rush into the heat gets its reward.

I know that humans don’t much like the heat either but I was asked to write a little article and this is it.

(I will double check with my parent to see if she can come up with a short piece for you all.) I guess I talked her into it so click here

I surely hope it cools off for all of us, animals and humans alike.

August 7, 2015

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