This is Pine Banks

... on the border line of Melrose and Malden

by Shirley Rabb

Pine Banks is a park that is close at hand. This is a park for the kids to play,
picnics to happen and today for me to relax and reflect.

The trees are tall but not wide, their age unknown to me. Some seem to be telephone pole size. The day is
pleasant, no wind and so the trees reach motionless for the blue sky. Very few leaves and branches flutter in an occasional breeze and the shades of green are magnificent in the sunshine.

The sound of children can be heard in the distance. Young children on swings and slides being watched by parents. A day of fun for the young at heart.

The shadows of the trees criss cross along the ground creating pictures in my mind. There is sun and shade and quiet peacefulness.

Rocks lie around and boulders have piled high over the years to create the feel of a small mountain. The roots of the trees spread along the ground searching and reaching for water. They also add to the stillness of the time.

There now, a golden butterfly has entered the picture with color, floating within my view as if entertaining me
with it's silent movement. A moment of beauty among the beautiful looks of nature.

When I listen closely I hear the birds. Overhead an airplane has broken the silence and then gone again.
It is a pleasant place, close to home. A place close to heaven and earth.

August 7, 2015

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