MMTV Traveler Rita Mucera

"Have You Been Here?" program hostess

by Debbi Collar


Left- A little girl from Palermo, Italy stylizing twirling in her  
fashionable outfit of the day. Right - that same girl has now become the
City of Melrose's hostess of cable access channel MMTV's program "Have
You Been Here?"

Local cable access television (MMTV) hostess Rita Mucera keeps busy.

She is as at ease in front of the camera as she is working with those behind
the lens and those she interviews..  She can be seen not only on local
programming in the City of Melrose, but an online version is also available
of each show.  Mucera can be seen weekly on the city's program "Have You
Been Here?"

Mucera became involved with the program in 2012 and has met with a
variety of people including celebrities such as Yolanda Cellucci, guides at
Castle Island, curators at the Cyrus Dallin House in Arlington, Ma, the Lynn
Museum and Historical Society,  as well as chefs and restaurant owners
from Pickity Place in Mason, NH to owners of many diners in the
Massachusetts area. Those programs to be aired at a later date.


Rita interviews fashion icon Yolanda Cellucci and Joe Scanlon from
Lynn Museum and HIstorical Society

Mucera with her favorite animals during a TV show shoot at Topsfield

Researching is a major part of the program, handled by both Mucera and
her many colleagues.

Although Mucera is usually the person to bring the stories of others to
MMTV viewers, today it is her turn to be interviewed for The Melrose

She has her own story to tell...and fashion is her passion. Educated at
Boston University and Vesper George School of Art, Mucera is a former
Fashion Promotion Manager for Filene's.  

Mucera is no stranger to television or to publicity. Her early work years
brought her into the world of television through fashion.  She was a fashion
promotion manager at Filene's.  Her interest in the clothing line is one
that has been long standing.  Born and raised in Palermo, Italy, she
remembers delivering boxes with a satin ribbon tied around them to "high
class people" with her aunt. Mucera believes some of her own interest in
the fashion industry, as well as her own talent for embroidering, may come
from that same aunt, who was a fashion designer.

Talking about fashions throughout the years, Mucera says, " At one time
people thought fashion was dictating," but "it's not dictating," instead, "it's
telling you what's going on in the world.  You ultimately put on what you
like."  She is also a sincere believer in individuality. "We dress to send a
message and we do subconsciously."

Sitting on a couch in her apartment, she is well prepared for the onslaught
of questions by the reporter and shares her collection of fashion industry
related items from an autographed Diane Von Furstenberg to professional
promotional photographs of the many people she has worked for and
worked with throughout her 40 year career.


Looking back, Mucera displays photographs of celebrities and
designers she has worked with over the years.  She is pictured with Brooke
Shields, the Nassoni fashion designers and the last photograph is that of
a WNAC TV Segment on fashion.

Mucera discusses her former job with pride. True to her belief, as stated
earlier in this article, she again mentions, "You really have to have a
passion for it (fashion). Fashion is unpredictable, sometimes reasonable.  
It's not for the faint of heart. There are the disappointments and the

Throughout her career, Mucera's memories are focused on those days of
glory. Her passion still shines through as folders of photographs and
letters from designers are opened to show a visitor.  She has also kept in
touch with several children who once walked the runway or stood still in
"Window 1" at Filene's many-years ago.  The children have grown, have
attended various colleges and have become successful in careers of their
own. Still they keep in touch with "Rita."

Mucera works the microphone at a children's fashion show

As to "Window 1, passers-by would watch as displays of the latest trends in
the clothing line were set up in downtown Boston and wonder which of the
children in the window were real and which were mannequins.


As to working with children, she enjoyed those days whether it was a time
to be promoting the opening of a new Filene's store or organizing the
children for the walks along the runway to promote the latest trends of the
clothing lines throughout each year,"I always had a love of children. That's
when I became fashion director for children."

Among her memorabilia items are a myriad of thank you letters.  She
treasures these letters of gratitude sent personally to her for the time and
effort she put into her work with all she met whether adult or child models,  
fashion designers, actors and actresses or the Chief Executive Officer of

Following her retirement in 1992, she also taught Italian or English at
Berlitz Language School depending on the need of the students. No
stranger to teaching from training employees as to what to say to
customers about the latest fashion trends. In the past, she was also asked
to teach a course at Simmons College.

L- Rita Mucera trains salespeople as to the latest trends in the fashion
industry.  R-  Mucera holds up a children's clothing line of Beatrix Potter

Still stylish, she considers her own fashion favorite that of "an Escada Jacket
and silk pants."and says "they've been with me forever."  

She adds "It's our love affair with youth that keeps us young" and then
shares  what she considers an invisible fashion secret with Melrose Mirror
readers for the completion of a fashionable outfit saying that "it's the
fragrance that completes the package and wraps it all up."

Mucera's hobbies include gardening and embroidery.   

L - Embroidery on a Christening dress, created by the hand of Rita
Mucera   R- Mucera's patio garden tomatoes

Combining Mucera's many talents, along with her interactions with
people from a variety of professions, one can only describe "Rita," as a
class act.


*** Editor's note - black and white photos part of Mucera's own
collection.  Photo credit should be given to professional photographers
from Filene's.

Check the local MMTV listings for a schedule as to when the program
"Have You Been Here?" is aired.

August 7, 2015

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