Thank you, neighbors ...

... a special kindness, a gathering of a neighborhood ...

from the SilverStringers

This is a story that should have been run a year or so ago -- but seniors
sometimes run afoul of schedules and tend to forget some issues. Such is
the case at hand.

The Mirror's representative was among the guests at that holiday dinner,
but he (having reached his mid-eighties) failed to meet the company
deadline, and the unfinished story sat in the editor's basket for a year,

The story was about a group of neighbors in Melrose who got together,
recognized that the old folks at the Milano Center were responsible for the
lovely place as it is today, and that this elderly generation warranted some
small recognition. And so this group of neighbors, who didn't identify
themselves, got together to produce a lovely dinner for those who depend
upon the Senior Center for comradeship and support. All ages took part,
kids included.

And so this group of nameless neighbors did just that. They formed a
small committee, made a plan, put the plan into reality -- and served the
seniors a delightful holiday dinner. All for free. Decorations, table service, a
delightful meal, and some kind words -- all out of respect for these

August 7, 2015

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