Tucker Gately

... celebrates seven years at Gately's

by John Gately

{Editor's note: The Melrose Weekly News recently had a photo of Tucker Gately with the caption it was his seventh anniversary. A couple of us Stringers got to talking about Tucker and wondered how his employment came about. John Gately graciously wrote a little history for the Melrose Mirror.}  

He is 8 years old and we got him from a breeder in Georgetown. When my children and I went to pick him out there was a litter of eight. Seven of the puppies were running around and Tucker was lying on the kitchen floor and we said we will take him. Right from the start we knew he was a special dog. He was pretty mellow, never really chewed shoes or furniture and he loved kids. He would escape and run across the street to play with the neighborhood kids. About seven years ago I said to my son John and Fred Sprague that I am thinking about having Tucker work at the funeral home.

Seven years later we have seen firsthand the comfort that Tucker has brought to many families here at the funeral home. He has made many friends and has a Facebook page with 300 friends. He is the best.

August 7, 2015

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