"Night Out" proves popular for Melrosians

... The Chamber of Commerce gets a 'full house' on Main ...

from the SilverStringers

Downtown was packed with people on a recent Friday evening -- a celebration of being, well, Melrose. It is a good city, a good place to live and shop. And so the the Chamber of Commerce produces this annual function, the city closes off all of Main Street (Grove to Upham) several thousand people flood out downtown -- and special privileges are ordered for food and beverages served in the open air. It was a lovely time.

Ordering fresh seafood at Turner's.

Dinner 'out' at Stearns and Hill -- in open air.

That's Mayor Rob Dolan, greeting the people. And at the right, a Melrosian chats with a member of the city's police force.

A precious photo ...

Dinner at Stearns and Hill's -- on the sidewalk. Delightful!

... add a little Mexican atmosphere ...

... with pizza and Chinese, served right up -- outdoors.

Across the street neighbors, John Gately with a pair of lawmen.

Hey!!! That guy is taking our picture!!!

And finally, four young people camped out on the double-yellow line, right in the heart of downtown Melrose. Happy Holidays, kids.

August 7, 2015

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