Robin hits window on Spear Street

... big news, but he survives with a terrible headache

from Don Norris

Almost a great tragedy! This young robin was probably in the big oak tree next to our backyard patio, and spotted his reflection in the glass window.  Suddenly he flew at full speed toward our picture window -- probably to get that other robin he saw --- which was his own reflection. Whammo! he hit the glass full speed and went straight down, kerplunk, into my wife's flower bed.

A few minutes later, we checked to see if Mr. Robin had survived. Yup, he was laying there in the grass, dazed but alive -- and apparently unbroken. Anyway, when I went to pick him up, he spread his wings and off he went. Whole, dazed, but unbroken.

One would be astounded at the animal life that passes through our cliff-side back yard. Sometimes it looks more like Maine than Melrose. But here's one specimen we have failed to identify:

This photo is a couple of years old (June 2013), and while we have spread printouts through the animal kingdom, we have yet to put a name to this wanderer. Heavy rust body fur; black legs, tail and face; long nose, deep forward-looking dark eyes. Estimate 25-30 pounds -- not in any hurry -- slinks.

Your guess is invited.

September 4, 2015

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