Random Thoughts

Thoughts while Shaving

... "blah, blah, blah ..."


When are they going to change the graduation ceremonies and eliminate or
considerably reduce all the blah, blah speeches. It would probably be best to
eliminate them all, except the valedictorian, and, maybe, a FEW speakers to
avoid offending “dignitaries” who ALWAYS speak and they won’t want to
make the cut. The speakers have the same message year after year, said in
different ways with the parents  ”listening intently” and the graduates
thinking “when will they stop talking so I can get my diploma and get out of
here and party”.

Some of the speakers are notables and are paid large fees, increasing the
tuition every year. The number of graduates can be as few as 5 at the Pre-
School (yes, they too have a graduation ceremony) or more than a 1000 at

Fortunately, large numbers are sometimes broken down into Majors most of
the time but there are STILL hours long ceremonies in the hot sun, listening
to long winded speeches, or cramped inside if inclement weather, requiring
tickets. I‘ve been to my 6 children’s graduations and some of my 12
grandchildren’s...sighhhh….Hmmnnn?, maybe if I can be one of the
traditional speakers getting paid, I wouldn’t be so cynical.

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