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Is insurance coverage REALLY necessary these days? Most of us have it and many of us probably don’t need it. Most of us pay outrageous premiums year after year and most of us never have a claim. Most of us have the coverage for protection against a major loss like totaling our car, our house burning down, or our death, but for most of us those things will never happen. Consider the odds of those things happening as you pay the premiums year after year. When we DO have an auto/home claim, we are at the mercy of the insurance company’s adjuster who makes an “educated guess” and TELLS us what the company will pay, that usually does NOT cover the replacement cost. A private adjuster will usually get us more money.  Many of us can handle the expense without coverage or with a large deductible, because most of the claims are minor. And if you do have a claim of a large amount you are penalized with a sizable premium increase. It may make more sense to be self-insured for many of us, but not all.

November 6, 2015

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