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Thoughts while shaving


When you hear the term reunion, it usually refers to a high
school reunion. My wife gets mad at me when I call a wake/funeral
a reunion. I try to explain how similar it is to a high school
reunion. When someone you know dies, you decide whether or not to
go to the wake/funeral depending on how well you know the person,
like deciding on a high school reunion invitation, how long
you’ve been out of school or who will you know there? If you
decide to go to the wake/funeral, you will want to look your best
because it may have been years since you last saw the people who
will be there. When you DO see them you hardly recognize some of
them, similar to the “drastic” change in the prom queen and the
handsome jock at the reunion, and you immediately feel good about
YOURSELF. At both the wake/funeral and reunion, you visit with
people, reminisce about favorite memories and talk about getting
together again soon. When another person dies or you get another
high school reunion invitation, you go through the same motions
and at the end you say to people “we have to get together again
soon”. I ask you, isn’t a wake/funeral and high school reunion
similar? Except, of course, someone died?

December 4, 2015

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