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Thoughts while shaving


When are we guys going to learn that whatever we say or do reflects on our wives. Some wives
tell us directly but most wives think it goes without saying. No matter how many years we are
married, we STILL don’t understand each other on some matters, like this. We hear it before we
even know it. When we are going to be with other people, we are told NOT to bring up a certain
subject or even comment on it if someone else brings it up. How often do we get “the look” or an
elbow or a knee under the table when we say or are about to say something off limits. If we try
to kid or joke about something our wife will laugh immediately to be certain everyone KNOWS I’m
kidding or joking. Why do wives think that way, that whatever we do or say is a reflection on
them. They should understand that guys will be guys and DO say and DO things that may not be
appropriate at times. It’s an even playing field for wives because most guys do it. And why
don’t us guys do likewise with “the look”, elbow or knee to show our wives how it feels to be
treated like a child. Of course, we better be sure of ourselves if we do it because she may not
agree and will come back at us with a long list of examples of our own. AND don’t EVER tell her
that whatever she says or does is a reflection on YOU!!!  

January 8, 2016

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