Red Sox memories

... signatures of the famous ...

by Steve Johnson


A few weeks ago, my old Melrose friend, Dave Powers, now retired and living
in New Hampshire, sent me this extraordinary piece of Red Sox history.
Dave's grandfather, Dominic Milano, obtained these autographs at a supper
held for the Red Sox by the Boston Boot and Shoe Club probably in 1948.

Dominic Milano was a highly respected executive and leather expert for the
Laird Schoeber Shoe Company in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He lived in
Melrose on W. Wyoming Avenue with his wife Emily for many years. Mr.
Milano's brother Joe was a Massachusetts state representative and his
nephew, Jimmy Milano, was the popular Melrose mayor for many years.
Dominic's sister, Anna was married to Joseph Cefalo who owned the large
florist business in Melrose. Dave and his cousin Pat Milano graduated from
Melrose High School, along with me, in 1955.

The Menu/Program shows autographs of most of the famous Red Sox
players of that era that I remember so well. Missing, however, is Birdie
Tebbetts, their catcher.

September 4, 2015

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