Changing of the seasons

... the end of summer

by Shirley Rabb

Summer is over, by all counts after Labor Day, but today it is questionable. The temperature is 70 degrees and the sky is cloudless. It is a bit cool to swim but not too cold to wade, with pants rolled up to my knee. It is not too cold to sit at the picnic table and read with my camera at my side. A gentle breeze whispers and the shadows that the leaves create keep me from my book. The beauty is overwhelming!

If there is a perfect day today comes within those parameters. The white birch trees have started to turn their leaves to yellow and the burning bush is finally turning to fall red. The loons call across the lake in a mournful cry as they glide across the surface and dip below the water.

Casa has settled in her favorite watching place on the picnic table. From here she can watch the birds at the feeders and keep an eye out for squirrels and chipmunks.

The water is receding and so the island that is the summer home of the red winged blackbirds is almost part of the shore. In a few months the lake will freeze and the island will be encased all winter waiting for spring again.

There is still some clover and a few mushrooms; I have just eaten the last tiny blueberry. There are wisps of grass blowing in the breeze and they become part of the end of summer scene.

I will not mow again this year. I will not worry about falling leaves or the birds about to leave. I will sit here and enjoy the songs of those leaves and the de-de-de of the ever constant chickadees.

I have cleared the path to the heron by the lake and it will stay as permanent as the weather; as permanent as my friendship was to its creator.

The buzz of the fly as it passes my ear, the raucous call of the blue jays. The dragon fly, in red hat colors of purple and red is resting on my knee and now flies to the bench.

My feeling is of peace, of a dreamlike day that is very real. It is a day to be here; a day to take it all in and bring it back to Melrose where it will fill me for another few weeks until I claim this place as home again.

October 2, 2015

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