Random Thoughts

A tribute to Jim Falzarano

... a real good guy

By Ed Boyd

We first met one day at the Riley’s Raiders played every Tuesday and
Thursday, April though October. Jim and I had the habit of going to Mount
Hood about 7:30AM, pay for our carts and park them at the practice putting
green. I was the one who usually sat on Jimmy’s cart to pass the time of the
day. The air was crisp at that time of the day. No great moment in these
conversations but always with a smile from Jim. No one that I know ever
heard a bad word about anybody from Jimmy’s mouth. A small man at about
5’4”with horn rim glasses and a full head of white hair. We play for quota
points, a bogie 1 point, a par, 2 points, and a birdie 3 points. We have to put
up six dollars and we only have to get two points to play as we are both
lousy golfers. If we are lucky enough, two points would bring us even and
three points more would win us some money.

One day, Jim arrived with brand new clubs, a new bag, new woods, new irons
and a new putter. Jim was then about 84 or 85, and spent a lot of money for
these. These seem to speak of the optimism Jim felt. He was going to get
better. Jim had been playing in Riley’s Raiders for many years before I got
there. At 85 Jim was not going to get any better but he thought he might he
seemed to say.

When it came time for the banquet in October, I usually asked Jim if I could
sit with him. I had had a stroke a few years ago and I felt secure sitting next
to Jimmy for reasons I cannot explain. This past year I had given up golf at
83 as I really could not play anymore as I could not hit a ball more than fifty
yards. I was invited to the banquet and thought I would see Jim. A real
disappointment, no Jim. I e-mailed Jim and told him it was sad not to see
him. He said, “Chemo” had done him in.

I learned the other day that Jim had died at 88 years. His obit says he was
born on September 7, 1926. He would have been 89 in September.

Sweet Jim, you will be dearly missed.

October 2, 2015


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