A fresh view of Gloucester

... no story today, just the pix, ma'am ....

from Don Norris

Lorry and I visit Gloucester not infrequently, but enough to satisfy our desire for fresh seafood. And every time we go there, we get puggier and puggier, spreading the wealth around at different restaurants. There are about a half dozen that we'd endorse.

One in particular isn't in Gloucester -- that is, not exactly in the city limits. It's a place called The Village Restaurant and is located at the west end of the village of Essex -- maybe ten miles short of Gloucester. The seafood is excellent, prices are reasonable and they have a lovely glassed-in patio that is our preference.

But meanwhile (getting back to the subject at hand), this photo was taken from Rocky Neck, which is on the seaward side of Gloucester harbor. One has to navigate down a small, narrow one-lane road that leads to the old paint factory -- which is part of the history of Gloucester. There's probably no one there to greet you, but you can (we found) open the door and check it out.

It is from this dinky little road that we took this lovely photo of the city. It is also the spot where we shot a hazy photo of Boston, some 40 miles away -- and over the horizon. You can just make the tops of the skyscrapers on a clear day.

So much for "no story".

October 2, 2015

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