My time with the Mirror

... so many years, so much fun

Shirley Rabb

I started writing for the Mirror in 2002 when I presented my version of the excitement of the Victorian Fair. It was nice to write for a group of friendly members who helped in editing my work and getting it prepared to appear  "on line".I continued to write each month with articles about "The Infamy of 9/11;and "Catalogs are coming".

In 2003 I introduced my dog Casa who started writing for the group in 2005 as well. There was an article about Camelot my cat in 2003  along with ten or twelve other pieces.

I have written more than 150 articles since joining the Stringers and have fun with every one.

There was the "February Blizzards", articles about Casa and spring,the sea gulls and the ocean. I have written about clouds and parties and the passing away of my aunt. There were travelogues across the country and this year our trip to Africa. Trees and parks and flowers; yard sales and senior citizen parties.

Every year I have submitted an annual review of The Red Hatters. The happy, fun things we do all year are highlighted with pictures for all to enjoy.

It has been a wonderful journey, this writing for The Mirror. I hope to continue as the spirit moves me to the keyboard and the computer.

This year the twentieth, for the Mirror, is a landmark for seniors that have presented ourselves as capable,interesting and moving forward people.

Please take the time to read our efforts for we do this all for our readers around the globe.

We hope to continue looking forward to a silver anniversary in five years. Stay with us; won't you!

You can read all the articles by going to the front page and clicking on Who We Are. Take the time to scan down and read articles from current and past authors. It will be a long winter so add us to your reading lists.

December 4, 2015

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