The Great Debate

... The Great Debate is not between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

by Betty Rossi

Ah, the great, long running great debate. Gravy or sauce! For me, hands
down, it's gravy, but for the sake of argument, I'll plead my case. You know
the kind. The red, wonderful stuff with the meatballs in it. Gravy, like in
"Please pass the gravy" or "stop dunking all of that bread into the gravy and
leave those meatballs alone, they'll be nothing left" type of gravy. When you
dunk your bread into it, it has to be Italian bread, not white, brown or wheat
bread. Italian bread must have been made for dunking into the gravy
because it doesn't fall apart. It just sops up that gravy. We all dunked bread
into the gravy, but no double dipping, unless you snuck a dunk.(You must
have noticed by now that I've called it gravy 100 times).

Sauce is for Thanksgiving. Cranberry sauce, with turkey. Like in,"please pass
the cranberry sauce and the stuffing" part of the meal. But the red stuff, that
great tasting, great smelling stuff cooking on the back burner of the stove
on a Sunday morning is gravy. Ask my Italian grandparents. They'll tell you.

And what's this, "Anthony! It's Prince Spaghetti Day" on a Wednesday?
Wednesday is for soup or chicken or roast something or other, but not
macaroni. I don't know where Prince got their information. Prince makes
spaghetti and elbows and Moscacolli without the lines. Other than that, I like
Ronzoni for their Angel Hair and other types of macaroni. (You notice, I
didn't call it pasta. It's macaroni), and always, always fresh Cavetellis and
Ravioli. Anthony Martinghetti surely could have run through the North End of
Boston on a Wednesday but not for macaroni. In our house, if he was
running on a Wednesday, it was for soup or chicken. Forget about Fridays. If
he was looking for food on a Friday, he was going to get fish, or peppers and
eggs or a frittata or something with no meat and definitely, no gravy. He
would have to wait until Sunday.

Darn it. I'm starving! I think that I'll heat up some gravy so that I can dunk some bread into it, and it's a Wednesday!!

October 2, 2015

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