Write us - we're 20!

please send us your written memories of The Melrose Mirror as we
celebrate 20 years of publication

by Debbi Collari

Twenty years ago, The Melrose Mirror joined forces with MIT.
Computers, servers, and data were soon the buzz words replacing the
original hieroglyphics of years gone by. Also being replaced was the
traditional typewriter.  Remember "pushing the carriage?" and we are not
talking about a baby carriage.  We are talking about the carriage return that
took typists from the end of a line to the next one.  Now, it's not necessary.  

We invite writers who penned those first stories for publication to contribute
to the Anniversary issue in December. Reflect on the past and please share
your memories of those first days getting this online newspaper up and

Suggested deadline for contributors, past and present, - ASAP , as soon as
possible, the earlier the better. Use e-mail, U.S. Postal Service, airmail, pony
express -- whatever, but please take part.

Snail mail can be addressed to
The Silver Stringers
@ The Milano Senior Center
201 W. Foster Street
Melrose, Ma 02176

Email stories can be sent to "Melrose Mirror@media.mit.edu or if you still
have access to PLUTO, please use that program.

The  final deadline for  the 20th anniversary issue is November 8, 2015.
Please share your memories with us

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