... Jonathan is going to be a clown

by Betty Rossi

Clowns. You either love them, hate them, or are deathly afraid of them. Me. I love them. I was brought up enjoying Bozo and Clarabelle, happy, fun loving slap happy clowns . Heck, I even love Mimes. You know the ones that you see sometimes at Quincy Market in the summertime, showing their "stuff" and entertaining anyone who is willing to look at them. In later years, at the parades where the Shriner's participate. Rollo, our own "family clown" on roller skates, is loved by kids young and old. He is my grandson Derek's uncle (on his mother's side of the family), and is good natured in and out of costume. He's tall and very colorful.

So, when my grandson Jonathan told me that he was going to be a clown this year for Halloween, I was thrilled. Last year, he was a "Zombie Hunter". . I swear that he looked like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or the Jewel of the Nile. But no, he insisted that he was a "Zombie Hunter". Fine with me. I thought that he looked very handsome and dashing, no matter who or what he was supposed to be. Clown this year seemed like a complete and total turn around. When Jonathan asked me, "Grammy, do you want to see my costume?", I was thrilled to get a private, pre-Halloween showing. I waited and sure enough, he came back into the room as a clown. God forgive me, I burst out laughing and as I told my friend, who also laughed, he sure wasn't my kind of fun loving, side slapping kind of a clown. . And he sure wasn't going for laughter. He said and I quote, that he was "A Day Of the Walking Dead Mortal Clown" and that I should wait and see him when he's "really covered in blood". With that flaming wild red hair and his bulbous nose, he just killed me! True, the costume was going for gross and gruesome, but as I sit here writing, I'm still laughing while I think of him. Sometimes you just have to love them and you just can't win.

By the way, these are the pumpkins that the kids carved this year. There's a Patriots pumpkin, an Alien pumpkin...antenna and all, and some pretty intricate carvings. They got a pumpkin for me to carve, but I was so busy taking pictures and watching them carve, that I forgot to carve my own. Didn't the kids do an excellent job? Happy Halloween and Happy Fall!!!!

November 6, 2015

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