Morning of a spooky day

... welcome to the mystery of the morning

by Shirley Rabb

On this eerie early morning the mist is swirling to reach the rising sun.
Halloween morning and nature are performing a magical show.                     

The water is still, the loons are gone and the quiet is awe-inspiring.

The trees move to the rhythm of the day. Boats are piled on the beaches and
the summer docks are land bound as pieces of a puzzle.

The moon still shows up in the west; not ready to give up the day. Tonight
when witches and goblins roam the streets there will be an inspiring lunar

The birch trees stand white in the early dawn; and still a few leaves hold
firmly to the branches, but most have covered the ground with a golden

Blue Jays have arrived at the feeder and their cries move the day ahead in a
ghostly manner.

The burning bush has reached its color and even now the leaves fall to the
ground to blend with the leaves of the trees.

The Chickadees are awake and de-de-de fills the misty morning.

Halloween day is about to begin with a beautiful rising sun and the
wonderment of the season.

November 6, 2015

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