I am having so much fun

... Time to celebrate

by Casa

Hello, My name is Casa.

Most of you know me as the only Jack Russell Terrier that writes
for the Mirror. I have been passing on stories since 2003 when my
parent introduced me to the Melrose Mirror, and how I could
express myself in writing.

There have been stories of my runs on the beach or my comfortable
seat in the car. I have traveled across the country and even into
a place called Canada.

Riding or running I have been having a grand time these 14 years
of my life.

The senior members of the Mirror have been very kind to let me
write as I do; ( and I think they like it too). After all what
other paper has an almost full time writer that only weighs 14.3
pounds and can sniff out information all over the streets of

It is fun to be part of the 20th. anniversary of the paper.

I certainly hope that we can continue to put into cyberspace more
articles for the whole world to read.

December 4, 2015

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