We are Stringers

...  time is just a number

by Shirley Rabb


We are a group of people with ages of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but collectively we are now 20 years old.

The Melrose Mirror was an experiment put together with the help of Jack Driscoll and MIT to see if seniors could enter the age of cyberspace. With assistance from MIT computer geniuses Walter Bender, Henry Holtzman, Dr. Marko Turpeinen, and Ingeborg Endter, and the will to prove we could…we did!

It has been a 20 year run for some of our original members and for those that have joined over the years to continue the “paper”.

Original Silver Stringer Don Norris with copies of previous Front Pages

The Mirror is an on-line issue which we publish monthly by assisting one another in this effort. Our numbers have fallen but we persevere and will continue to do so.

There have been other efforts from MIT to produce a similar concept but all have failed. We remain stable and strong.

Our party this year is to celebrate the beginning and the future of all the issues past and timeless.


Time for cake, conversation with Flo Shea, Louise Fennell and Rita Mucera; and a congratulatory toast by Debbi Collar and Lorry Norris to The Melrose Mirror

The front page allows readers to go to Who We Are and read about each of us. This will also give the readers a chance to check out any articles we have written in the past.

Kay McCarte, Flo Shea and Betty Rossi; Carol Nelson and Roseanne Greene; and Kay McCarte and John Cerretani raise their glasses to The Mirror's 20th anniversary.

Don Norris, Joe Sullivan, State Rep. Paul Brodeur and Rita Mucera; Mayor Rob Dolan, Rita Mucera and State Representative Paul Brodeur; and active contributors to The Melrose Mirror. (Absent from the photo are Ed Boyd and Shirley Rabb.)

This is not a party to end all parties; this is a new beginning as the seniors of Melrose continue to look to the future and into space, so that readers all around the world will know that age is a simple number for us and 20 is the beginning.

Party pictures by Debbi Collar

December 4, 2015

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