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A picture from Venice Florida

... a lovely picture

by Ed Boyd

Back in the late 80s in was our habit to pack our stuff early February and head for Venice, Floridafor the month of March. We did this for several years until 2009 which was our last visit to Venice. During those years, I dont remember just when, the main street of Venice was lined with art vendors for half a mile on both sides of the street. Venice has a dramatic main street fashioned after Venice, Italy. The main street has two lanes on the right side and left where these art vendors would pitch their tents to show their wares. This lasted for a few days in about the middle of March.

Each month we would make it a point to visit these street troubadours. We would parkour rented car and take our separate ways, Catherine and I, to wander about to the various art tents on Venice, Avenue. There was a lot to see.


In my travels I came across a group of paintings that captivated me. I found Catherine and told her about these paintings. I pointed to the small painting that I was sort of stunned by. Catherine looked at the painting and said, Lets get it! We do not carry very much cash in our pockets for fear of being robbed in a strange town. We asked the artist who had made the painting for the cost. He said, For you, $100 I said, I dont have that much money with me. The artist said, If you like it, take it! He was freely giving this to us because we liked it and he appreciated that. We did take his card and mailed him the $100 later.

I do like impressionistic paintings and this is very like those painters ofteryear. All the blues witha dash of green catches your eye. There is Indescript figures in the fore ground that appear to be female though I cant be sure. The figures appear to be headed for the light well ahead.

I put this picture on the wall at the foot of our bed. A pleasant glimpse  as we put out the light.  --

December 4, 2015

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