My eleven years as a Silver Stringer

... about seventy articles

by Ed Boyd

It is eleven years since I joined the Melrose Mirror. I learned of the Melrose
Mirror from Frances Bertuili, Catherine’s cousin, who used to look after the
Senior Center, years ago. I went to the first meeting in 2004 and there was about
fifteen persons seated at the long tables. Everybody present got a turn to say what
was on their minds. I had spent lots of time at The Cambridge Center for several
years learning how to write my life. I felt that this qualified me to join a writing
group like the Melrose Mirror. After a few years at these weekly Wednesday’s
meetings, I asked if I might be considered to attend the publishing group.

Jim Driscoll took me by the hand and guided me. The publishing group met each Friday of
the next to the last Friday to determine the articles to be considered for publication the
last Friday of each month. Jim Driscoll sort of presided over this group (he denied this).
Kay McCarte, Ella Letterie, Russ Priestley, and sometimes Louise Fennell as she had a job,
I think. Later, John Averall joined the group and made a significant contribution to the
publication of the Melrose Mirror. For a time I was a Publisher, too, but I decided I was
not schooled enough to learn Pluto, the soft ware that runs the Melrose Mirror. I stayed as
an editor, the protocol for the Melrose Mirror, spelling and grammar in the draft for articles.
I watch this daily.

Joe Sullivan came to the Wednesday Meeting a year or two after me. Joe is an exceptional
writer whose articles are written in 2nd person. Joe, also, writes a lot of political articles,
like those about Mt.Hood, as exposes of what is going on in Melrose. I really look to Joe for
guidance about my writing.

I want to give a taste of a few of the seventy articles that I published in my
eleven years. The first in ’04 was “Escape” about my little mother who stunned a
little mouse, grabbed our cat by the scruff of his neck and threw both out on
the back porch. I have to smile at this memory over eighty years ago. In ’07 I
wrote an article with Jim Driscoll that talks about the great work Jim did for Melrose.

Then on ’08 I had fun with “Sobriquets”, the nicknames of the guys in my city of Everett. In ’09
I wrote a piece about a local restaurant, “Stearns and Hills” and, later, about a women with a
tear in her eye, gave me a yellow daffodil and said I reminded her of her dead father. These and
others can be found in the Melrose Mirror archives.     

December 4, 2015

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