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... Galvaynes Groove, Chicago, Charles Dickens

by Florence Shea


         Reindeers celebrate Christmas singing and dancing    

Bulls are color blind, therefore will usually charge at a matador’s waving cape no matter what color it is – be it red or neon yellow.

Pain travels through the body at 350 feet per second.

Perspiration is odorless; it is the bacteria on the skin that creates an odor.

Best-selling author Kurt Vonnegut opened the first Saab auto dealership in the United States.

The Galvaynes Groove that tells how old a horse is, can be found on its teeth.

The sixteenth –century song, “A Frog Went A-Courting” was inspired by the
first Queen Elizabeth’s romance with the Duc d’Alencon.

December 23, 1947 – The first transistor was invented at Bell Laboratories by
John Barden, Walter

Brattain and William Shockley and sparked a worldwide revolution in

December 31, 1781 – The first bank in the U.S., the Bank of North America,
received its charter from the Confederation Congress.  It opened on January7, 1782, in Philadelphia.

Sylvester and Tweety were shown on the most popular US postage stamp of 1998.

In 1984, a stewardess called the police and told them she’d left her husband in bondage in her cupboard.

The name “Chicago” comes from a native Indian word that means place that smells bad.

In 1821, the book "A New-years present, to the little ones from five to twelve" was published in New York. It contained Old Santeclaus, an anonymous poem describing an
old man on a reindeer sleigh, bringing presents to children.

Around 1900 the Addis Brush Company started producing the first artificial
Christmas tree. It was made from the same material that they used for their toilet brushes.

An artificial spider and web are often included in the decorations  on
Ukrainian Christmas trees.

After “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens wrote several other Christmas stories, one each year, but none was as successful as the original.

December 4, 2015

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