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Louise Fennell

I don't remember how many years I have been with the Mirror but it has been many. I began
a short time after moving to Melrose from Danvers where I had spent most of my adult life.

I was looking for an activity that involved both writing  and photography since I had some
experience with both while covering Danvers as a staff writer for the Beverly Times.
I can relate to Debbi Collar's story in this issue since I shared some of the same experiences
with the conversion from manual typewriters to electric typewriters to computers. Many times I
called on the help of the editor of the Danvers Herald whose office was right behind us in Danvers
Square. I will never forget his words " Remember YOU tell the computer what to do, it doesn't
think for itself. YOU ARE THE BOSS".

So when I came to the Mirror, I had some experience with writing and photography but not the
mechanics of publication. Inserting pictures into stories and getting those stories ready for
publication was a huge challenge. However, I received lots of help from many wonderful members
of the group, particularly Don Norris, who started a weekly class and taught several of us how
to re-size pictures, insert them in our stories and miraculously get them to MIT and to actual publication.

I am now expanding my  endeavors into the field of local television and have recruited several
friends from the Mirror ( Don Norris, Debbi Collar, Norma Staples, Kay McCarte and  Flo Shea) to
join me as we travel around the North Shore and slightly beyond and produce a TV show called
"Have You Been Here". We often use a location for a TV show and a story for the Mirror.

It has been a great learning experience and has provided hours of enjoyment as well and I hope
it keeps going for many more years.

December 4, 2015


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