Me and the Mirror

... a response to the request (mine) For God's sake write something!

by Joe Sullivan

Itís 1:47 PM and I just filed my December story three minutes ago. Itís about
Christmas, itís about a Christmas tree, itís about Korea. I had the whole
month to write about something that happened 63 years ago but I barely get
the story in under the deadline wire.

Iím really looking forward to lunch especially the pie selection my daughter
packed up for me before I left her home after Thanksgiving dinner last
Thursday. Lunch will have to wait. This story comes first. I'm hungry, but I'm

I write about three things mainly, Korea, City politics especially Mount Hood
and my family. I wonít bore you with how I became a Mirror guy which I
started to be in 2006. I canít remember all of it anyway.

Some people who read my Korea stuff will ask, how do you remember all of
those names? I donít know but if you woke me from a sound sleep I would
be able to reel them off without a pause. Iíll bet you Iím not the only guy
who is still bewildered by his Korea experience.

The stories I write about the city politics turned out to be a surprising
subject for me. When I began to devote some time to see how things  work
in our city I was dumbfounded to see the secrecy and deception that
produced Fred Green Field and the selfishness that pushed the kids in the  
High School Track and Field program to the running track at Pine Banks
where they have to share with Malden and have no dressing rooms, showers
or viewing stands where their parents can sit to watch them compete.

That, of course leaves my family. Most of the stuff is about my grandchildren
and the things they  do are really funny to read about.

The Melrose Mirror celebrates its 20th Year but unlike many of the other
Silver Stringers I havenít been around for even half of them. I do know why
the 20 year Stringer veterans have stayed around. Where else can a
disturbed, barely- beat- the-deadline person like me have so much fun?

December 4, 2015


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