Random Thoughts

Christmas, 1954

... An old memory of Christmas

by Ed Boyd

I am reminded of a Christmas in 1954, just after Ellen Marie Boyd was born
on June 8, 1954. My job was to get a large Christmas tree that would reach the large
ceiling in our front room at 10 Warren St. Christmas was Catherine’s favorite time of year. I
had better get a good one. Not too many days left, I headed out with snow blowing in my face
into Everett Square in search of a tree.

Outside of the market on Second Street I spotted the tree I wanted. It was about seven feet
tall with lush, full branches. I talked with the guy selling trees who was asking $8 for the
tree. I told him I wanted to bring it home to my wife and new baby. I got it for $6. Trouble
was I did not have $6 to spend, so I fibbed and told Catherine it was only $4. She smiled her
delight as it was truly a magnificent tree, standing up and hanging unfurled.

We had gone to bed, we were startled by a great swoooosh, flicked on the light, the great tree
had fallen into our living room. We sat in bed and laughed out loud at what we saw. Not to
bother now as we were too pooped and it would wait till morning. We pulled up the covers and
snuggled to blessing sleep.

A nice memory on the cusp of Christmas 2015, sixty-two years ago.

January 8, 2016

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