Point Reyes, California

... our 2015 family Thanksgiving

by Avalon Berg and Florence Shea

Point Reyes is a prominent cape and popular Northern California tourist
destination on the Pacific coast of northern California. It is located
approximately 30 miles west-northwest of San Francisco. The term is often
applied to the Point Reyes Peninsula, the region bounded by the Tomales Bay
on the northeast and the Bolinas Lagoon on the southeast. The headland is
protected as part of the Point Reyes National Seashore. Shown below are two
maps of the area, the second map also shows Bodega Bay where we were last


This year our rental was the Egretís Overlook Home. Below is the Lagunitas
Creek as it merges into the Tomales Bay, restoring vital wetlands for egretís,
grey herons and osprey. Across the creek are panoramic views of Inverness

Lagunitas Creek with morning fog and later in the afternoon

returning from a post breakfast walk;   reading with mom;   are you sure you put my food in here?

this bike was found in the shed;  grandpa Pete brought this popper my dad played with when he was my age;
my colorful Thanksgiving dress

dad reading me a new book great aunt Florrie brought; local farm stand near the house; crazy hats added atmosphere

After Thanksgiving Grandma Liz, Grandpa Pete, Uncle Eric and great aunt Florrie went to
the Hog Island Oyster Company for lunch. The name Hog Island reportedly came from a
bizarre 1870's incident when a barge carrying a load of pigs caught fire and was
grounded on the island to avoid sinking, at which point the pigs escaped onto the island.

Point Reyes Light Station was established in 1870 at Point Reyes, Calif. 19
miles from the nearest town. To reach the light, men assigned must descend
308 steps on the headland from the plateau above the station where family
quarters are situated. Point Reyes is, by official records, the windiest and
foggiest on the Pacific coast. The station is frequently blanketed by week-
long periods of fog and few years pass that do not see violent gales of 75 to
100 miles per hour. The above pictures were taken by my uncle Eric Berg.
He and my grandparents were brave enough to climb all those stairs.

Sadly we must leave. First I'll help dad with the luggage. After having lunch at
our new house, my folks and I said "see you next year." Just think I'll be two years old then.

January  8, 2016

details about Point Reyes, Point Reyes Light and Hog Island from wikipedia.org

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