A Christmas to remember

... smiling faces, presents under the tree, the grandkids ...

from Don Norris

Well, I'm back -- almost back. I've managed to get through half of my six-month recovery -- six months, the surgeon said. I have a new part in my heart today, reflecting the latest improvement in the area of heart valve replacement.

It was go-through with the operation, or, ah, meet our maker. Too soon, too soon, I thought. The surgeon at Lahey said recovery would be at least six months. It's been just three, at this writing. I am walking and talking now, shaky, wobbly, no hills, no stairs yet. My wife Lorry shovels the driveway and does all the chores I used to do.

This Christmas, the photo is of our second of two beautiful daughters -- MHS 197? -- Joanne, and her husband Jeff -- a native of New Hampshire. Jeff is the step-parent of our two beautiful grandchildren, Jeffrey and Kathryn.

I must say, a glass of wine does marvelous things for one's wounded spirit.

But back to the Santa story:

At this age, the whole family converges on our youngest daughter's place in Belmont, NH, for Christmas. It is a wild affair with gifts piled so high that one strains to find the tree. Actually, these days, there are four families in the three generations, so the dinner table gets really crowded, and the living room becomes a hodge-podge of wrapping paper and Christmas bows.

But it is a glorious time. All those people -- mostly young people -- are packed into daughter Joanne's living room, fighting for room around the rather large Christmas tree. There is Jo's son Jeff and his partner, Ashley, Jo's daughter Kathryn, who, with her partner Zach, plan to get married next September, then fly to London where KK will study for her master's and Zach (hopefully) will be able to continue his job in electronics --3,000 miles from home-base.

It is possible that various parts of the family will, ah, visit with the kids, in London, during her year of graduate study. Lorry (my wife) and I hope to be among those traveling folks.

In the meantime, I thought I'd bring to our readers several flicks I took in New Hampshire during the holidays. I trust all our Mirror readers had a warm and inviting Christmas, and the Norris family wishes all of you a happy new year.

Happy New Year, everyone.

January 8, 2016

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