What!!?? Halloween in February???

... Hey, what's a couple of months late ...

from Don Norris

Too late??? Why, it's only February, barely two months since we invited a hoard of youngsters dressed in all sorts of costumes, into our homes. Why we do this is beyond me, but I do remember going through this pageant back in the 1930s.

It was a banner year, this Halloween was -- at least in our neighborhood. We got an overflow crowd of ghosts, goblins and weird young 'uns who threatened to blow our house down if we didn't come up with the proper handout -- a large handful of sweets.

Actually, it was a banner year, both in numbers and in creativity. These kids CAN come up with some pretty weird outfits.

At our house it was Lorry who did all the offering of the goodies. She let the kids take what they wanted. Some were, ah, modest but others tried their best to fill their bag with bars of candy. Lorry didn't stop them, for, after all, this is Halloween night.

While she was the Maitre'd, I did the photographs, most of which were grab-shots, for the kids were anxious to get to the next house. They were delightful. We got no discourtesies, no backtalk. They were polite, some were shy, others were forward, to say the least.

But it was fun for both them and us.

... this fellow could turn his red eyes on and off, at will ...

But we did enjoy the show. In all, we counted well over 25 celebrants, plus some dozen dads who tagged along to make sure the kids were treated right. And all of them thought it was their duty to stand at attention while the old guy with the Canon camera recorded their fancy images. It wasn't the first year I "shot" the kids over the years, but it is the first year I thought to publish those marvelous images.

And this was a special year.

They came in all colors amd sizes ...

Some time, in the future, some goblins are going to burst out in song -- and when they do, I personally will dump the whole of our bucket right into their loot-bags.

We didn't realize Batman had a girlfriend ...

Maybe some day Mom and Dad will take part in the show, and sing us a duet. The older I get, the more I appreciate good music. Why just last week I insisted that Joanne (our daughter) return my guitar that 15 years ago I lent to her -- and which she hasn't played since.

IDEA! To add a little variation to Halloween, how about having a "Q and A" session as the kids come in -- like, they draw a question from the bowl, and have to provide a proper answer in order to get the candy. Questions of course have to be in the age range of the contestant ...

February 5, 2016

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