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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- January 8, 2016

SilverStringer Don Norris, who carved the "religious" characters above, recently returned to duty with the Stringers. Don is one of the few Stringers from MIT's opening issue, in 1996.

Publisher for this issue is Florence Shea

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Children's Holiday Party
By Debbi Collar
Memories of Mt. Hood Park Association's Children's Holiday Party

Red Hat Review 2015
by Shirley Rabb

Ma's big surprise
by Joe Sullivan
... her Sonny Boy comes home with some delightful news.

A Christmas gift from Polymnia
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Christmas songs old and new

Geezer Pleaser
from Florence Shea
...treatment for $500

Christmas, 1954
by Ed Boyd
... An old memory of Christmas

Point Reyes, California
by Avalon Berg and Florence Shea
... our 2015 family Thanksgiving

A Christmas to remember
from Don Norris
... smiling faces, presents under the tree, the grandkids ...

Enchanted Village
Louise Fennell
... trip back in time

New Year's Day Hike
by Debbi Collar
a healthy start to 2016

Did you know?
by Florence Shea
... chickens, Tattered Tom, Homo habilis

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Kangaroo Troop
Kangaroo Troop by Marjorie Burgess, the Melrose Mirror theme song.
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