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... a new, monthly feature, hopefully using readers'

from Don Norris

I'm Don Norris. Most of our readers will recognize the name since I've been writing for the Melrose Mirror for twenty years -- and supplying a fair share of the art used to decorate our stories. The piece above is a sample ...

What I want is for our readers to send in samples of their art -- preferably photos of your work -- so we don't get into high finances here.

It doesn't have to be super stuff -- sketches, drawings, doodles will do.

Although I've been an amateur artist all my life, I'm not in it for money -- I don't think I've sold more that five paintings over the past 85 years. I'm talking about
sketches  we've done, doodles, characters, scenics ... For example, I'll submit stuff from a half dozen sketch books (if I can find them) -- art such as you see above -- which was done on a ten-day wandering trip through northern New England some 30 years ago. I had petitioned the city's new art coumcil for a couple of hundred bucks to paint in plein aire.

If you have a flair for art, here's a chance to see what it looks like on the internet, in the Melrose Mirror. There are no fees or expenses, no prizes -- just art that you think the public would appreciate.

So if you have some art you'd like to see published in the Mirror, you can send a printed copy (please, not the original) to us, The Melrose Mirror, 235 West Foster Street, Melrose, MA 02176. Remember, no originals -- photo copies or (better yet) email us a copy. Hopefully, it will appear in the next monthly edition of the Melrose Mirror.

Don Norris, one of six editors, Melrose Mirror.

February 5, 2016

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