It's breakfast at supper time

... and we went to a Brupper

Shirley Rabb

On January 31st at 5pm Temple Beth Shalom in Melrose opened it's doors to let the hungry crowd in.

As our group was predominately Red Hatters we were right on time to get adjoining tables up close.

This was a way for Temple members, and a few friends of the Temple to indulge in the cultural and culinary heritage of the Traditional Jewish food and fun.

While members worked in the kitchen the tables were set with bagels, lox, kugel, herring, potato knishes, pizza,
sweets and more.

The crowd was a mixture of ages, teens to seniors. There were families enjoying a night out and singles who came to enjoy the camaraderie of all those attending.

The president of the temple, Mark Greenberg introduced himself, gave a very brief speech and gave the prayer over the food. It was then time to get in line and enjoy the evening.

This ended up being a fun filled, food filled evening for all.

February 5, 2016

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