Keys before a painting

... hardly news, but a clever photo ...

from Don Norris

Yes, I know, and the editors all turn on me for filling valuable space in "The Mirror" with home-grown photos. Well, I diddled with my Canon at the lst meeting and came up with this rather attractive pix.

And if you, our readers, don't like my choice this issue, there are some 240 back issues from which to choose -- but I guarantee that the, ah, best is yet to come.

How about some 'nudies' -- like, I saw some lovely bare naked pigs at a farm down to New Hampshire last week, and some absolutely beautiful naked chickens in the supermarket downtown. And there's quite a few farms up to Concord (NH, that is) where there's all sorts of naked beings. Pigs, cows. horses, chickens, included.

No humans, though. We have to go through life totally covered.

It's a shame, but the Mirror has an alternative -- naked car keys. Oh yes. that photo on the wall -- it's one of my paintings, or at least a very expensive copy. That, in itself, is worth space on the wall.

February 5, 2016

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