Sunday by the pond

... and peacefully enjoying the day

by Shirley Rabb

It was quiet at Ell Pond across from the school. The
sun shone brightly on the partially frozen water as a
few ducks passed within my

The bare trees were losing the snow that covered them
a few days ago. The
trees that were still holding on to rust colored leaves
stood tall, reaching for the blue sky.

Wisps of willow jutted up from the snow covered
ground and it was still. There was no wind, not even a
breeze to move the upper branches of the trees.

Oh, there were people walking along the path; and
there were dogs romping and checking out the snow.
One dog was chasing a ball, and a small Boston terrier
was playing with a frizzbee thrown by its owner.
Overhead two squirrels were playing tag at the tree

The soccer field was covered with footprints of human
and animal signs over
the past few days; but now it was only a silent tribute
to high school sports.

It was Super Bowl Sunday afternoon last month, and
here at Ell Pond another
person was enjoying the quiet on the pond  along with
me. It was a really nice day.

March 4, 2016

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