When sketching becomes serious ...

... save your doodles, see 'em in The Mirror

from Don Norris

What a great hobby! Even if you've never picked up a
pencil, pen or brush before, here's a great opportunity
to develop a wonderful hobby.

I have to admit, I've been doing this since childhood,
encouraged by parents and an older brother.  It's not
something that you can develop into an income, for
there are too many of us who either have an edge in
the market -- or are the best artists our country has

But we try, if only for the enjoyment of doodling, of
making something that looks good, of having our
work published. And here's your chance, for the
editors of the Melrose Mirror promise to show your
submitted work, no matter how, ah, mundane or, un-
professional it is. (That's a euphenism for "how
naughty your piece is". No naughty stuff.)

And while you're struggling to find a nitch, you'll be
learning by watching what promising artists we have in
Melrose. I mean, where else can you have your work
shown to some 7,000 potential Mirror readers? The
sketch above was done while I was out riding the
backroads on my motorcycle -- I took a photo of this
Boxford horse farm, then returned later to do several
sketches on location.

And be sure to bring your camera with you, always, for
you'll probably see at least a dozen scenes that you
deem worthy. Put 'em on your computer, buy a decent
editing program (mine is Adobe, which costs $600,
but a slightly less version is available for under a

Note that you do not have to "finish" every drawing.
Like, in the drawing above, the center of interest is the
barn, but the house, the trees -- need not be finished.
It looks good without them. Just imagine how the
drawing above would look in a frame.

And so the Mirror editors invite all you budding artists
to take Don's advice, send in a sample or two of what
you can do. We'll publish 'em in The Mirror, perhaps
offer some advice or how a particular spot could have
been handled, better. Color or B&W are acceptable.

Now, go draw something. Then email it to the Melrose

March 4, 2016

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