Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

Jim Tierney

Have you ever REALLY seen black ice? Whenever we have rain or snow and the
temperature is hovering around the freezing mark, you hear this from the
meteorologists…“watch out for the black ice”. Frozen water over black pavement
looks black but it’s the pavement that’s black, not the ice..right? Often, there’s
a light snow covering icy spots that’s not as apparent as “black ice”
but they don’t say “watch out for the white snow” do they? And they don’t say
“watch out for the black water” that covering a pot hole or maybe a sinkhole that
may swallow you up in your car. We DO see people walking along in bad weather being
extra careful with their eyes glued to the ground watching for “black” ice and they
go belly up slipping on ice covered with snow or stepping in a puddle up to their
knees. Maybe they should also tell people to watch for the other hazards too, like
the thoughtless people bumping into you and the crazy drivers, and not have us be
mesmerized watching out for “black” ice? What IS the real color of ice anyway?
Although it DOES vary in color, depending on what drink you order “on the rocks”.




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