Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

Jim Tierney

You hear it all the time when people are talking… “It is what it is”… “It’s all good”… “Here’s the deal”… “I’m reaching out”… “at the end of the day”…“Here’s the thing”… “know what I’m saying?”… “the thing is”…”kick the can down the road”…”my bad”…”no worries”…”what do you make of”…and you also hear the oldies like…”you know”…“the truth is”…”to tell you the truth”…“honestly”…”the truth of the matter is”…don’t words like this make you wonder if these people usually lie to you? Some people need these cliches as part of their responses when conversing with others, off the cuff speeches, talk show interviews, etc., to avoid stuttering and stumbling. Politicians and candidates need this help to avoid putting their foot in their mouth and have to answer to the media for something they said. I suppose it’s better than “ahh”, “err”, “umm”, “mmm”. When I’m lost for words I say “how ‘bout those Red Sox”. Word habits are hard to break and vary from generation to generation but some are keepers and will always be with us like “Happy Birthday”…”I now pronounce you man and wife”…”I second the motion”.

April 1, 2016

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