Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by Jim Tierney

What’s with the kids today? Are we spoiling them TOO much? We always say we want our kids to have more
than we did when we were kids. Most of us are guilty of this, not realizing that it’s not in their best
interest for them to want for nothing. We should say NO more often and have them earn whatever they
want, like doing chores for their allowance and doing their homework before TV. There should be
limitations to their activity on their IPhones, IPADS, etc., and more time on the playground that seems
empty in recent years.  They should also experience disappointment and not be a “winner” every time they
are in a competition where EVERYONE gets a trophy or prize of some kind. They have  Helicopter Moms
driving them to and from school or the bus picks them up in front of their house, and the school closes
for a couple of inches of snow or it’s too cold out. Of course, they NEVER want to hear “when I was your
age, I walked 3 miles back and forth to school no matter what the weather  and uphill both ways”.

June 3, 2016

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