So long, Deering Lumber

... significant changes in our skyline

from the SilverStringers

One day, there was a vital business providing Melrosians with good service, with excellent products. Suddenly, a few huge machines came on the Essex Street scene, and a hundred years of history just disappeared.

Deering Lumber company is no more. It was a family operation, that grew as the city grew. In all likelihood, most of the 12,000 houses in Melrose were built with lumber from Deering's.

The prominent building now visible (in the photo above) on Essex Street used to be the Unitarian Church, which was sold and converted into apartments. The congregation joined the Unitarian Church, opposite the Melrose Public Library on West Emerson.

The railroad tracks (foreground) from Boston to Reading were laid in 1845. Life goes on, the city prospers.

March 4, 2016

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