A short letter

... to friends and family

by Casa

Dear friends of my parent,

Many of you have asked why I have not written lately. It
seems that these past few human months have been
strange and uneventful.

I usually get my walk early in the morning and when the
temperature is in the teens my parent feels it is too cold
for either of us to be walking. There has not been much
snow but patches of ice; and the weather changing daily
from warm to cold and back to warm again.

I have mentioned, in the past, about my lovely back
yard; well I do get out there as often as I wish to do
whatever needs to be done.  I sniff around because I
know another creature is using my space also. There are
footprints in the scattered snow and holes being dug in
the frozen ground.

When the temperature is in single digits, (I heard this on
the TV) I do not spend too much time in the yard either.

In human lives I do believe my lack of writing is called “a
writer’s block”, in my world it is called a “canine

I do know that spring is here and summer will be
coming along soon so perhaps I will be able to "un-
crunch” and get back to the computer again.

Till then I wish you all happy days, and thank you for
caring about me.

April 1, 2016

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