Letters to ...

The terror of Interstate 40

from Diane Neal

Hello folks. It has been a few years since I checked in. I
really don't lead too much of an exciting life----,
usually. I do enjoy your interesting news. The summer
of 2015 was the summer of my 80th year and it turned
into 'My Great Adventure'. One of my sons had a health
emergency. Since he lives in the High Sierras and I am in
the Ozarks, the best I could do was to drive my car and
hope for the best. My car is a '94 Dodge but only had
3800 real miles, so off I went. My neighbors and friends
did not try to discourage the trip but of course were
concerned. They knew better than to argue with this
mom. At 7am I pulled out of the driveway and four days
later arrived at my destination, after more than 1600
miles. The good Lord was with me all the way, turning
away darkening skies and keeping me safe. I am not
accustomed to that 75 mile an hour on the interstate
(and huge semis) but my little car loved it; took a deep
breath and showed its stuff. The angel on my shoulder
stuck with us all the way. I had no car trouble and did
not get lost the first time. At each stop there were
friendly folks and made me appreciate our wonderful
country. It would be fun to write a book about my
adventure but as you can probably see that is not
possible. It had been 25 years since I drove across
country but I learned it's never too late.  

       Your friend,
           Diane Neil

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