Another view of Ell Pond

... now some 10,000 years old, it remains a place of beauty

from Don Norris

Try to imagine, Melrose without Ell Pond. I mean, supposing the last ice age (during which the pond
was established) -- supposing the last ice age dumped a whole bunch of rocks and dirt from, say,
Stoneham or Wakefield, into that little valley? But be assured that those few acres would have a
zillion houses built there-on, today.

So thanks to the ice age, leaving a big ice berg where our Ell Pond was destined to be. Had that
glacial fill happened, Ell Pond would have a zillion houses, stores, factories -- where our placid
pond now survives.

There was another little pond downtown that the glacier left for us -- only to have it filled in for
use as a parking lot. It was called Dix Pond, was located behind City Hall and Memorial Hall; it
flourished until maybe 100 years ago, when the town fathers decided to fill it in -- it and the
seasonal stream that led north to empty overflow into Ell Pond.

So now Ell Pond is something one looks at. They say there may be some fish in it, but the waters are
getting shallower all the time. The bottom has been scooped cleaned before when the city got the
federal government to send army engineers out to Melrose to stabilize, once again, the bottom of Ell

And now, it is pleasant to see an occasional fisherman trying his luck in the shallows of Ell Pond,
fish or no fish.

It now is still a beautiful place. Not too much has changed. I can remember swimming at a sandy
beach back in the 1940s, when we first moved here. I'm glad we did, for Melrose remains, in spite of
its burgeoning population, a beautiful place.

And Ell Pond has to be  among the top drawing cards.

April 1, 2016

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