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About Hugh Gwyn

... grateful

by Ed Boyd

Recently, I received a note from Hugh Gwn from Quebec, Canada saying that he was given my How Did
Dorothy Day Become Catholic?and he wanted to set me straight on my ending. I had written that Day
had a relationship with a man named Foster who she loved and had a child by him. Foster wanted no
part of a marriage. Day wanted to become Catholic and with that interest, ending on leaving Foster. I
had read Day’s autobiography and a couple of books about Day. In all this reading, it seemed to
me, that Foster just fell of a cliff, never any other word about him.

It is seldom that we get any response to what we write in the Melrose Mirror, I was greatly surprised.
Hugh Gwyn wanted to tell me that Foster was very much in Day’s life. Foster had a long relationship
with another woman who became deathly sick. Day spent time taking care of Foster’s woman. At Day’s
funeral, Gwyn says, Tamara, Day’s daughter that she had with Foster, took the arm of her father. This
makes for a much sweeter ending for all three. Foster did not fall off a cliff as I had said. Thanks,
Hugh, for setting the record straight.  

April 1, 2016

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