Frozen in time

... a day to remember

by Shirley Rabb

It was the 6th day of spring and I am in a beautiful land of ice.

The temperature has not risen about 30 degrees; even as I left Melrose at 8:30am. After making
a few stops for the dog I arrived in Maine at 10:30 with the temperature still at 30 degrees.

My friend in Maine called to say that schools have been cancelled because of the icy roads, and
she reminded me to drive with care.

The roads were wet as I drove along 95 north and onto 236 in Elliot and Berwick then to route 4
into Sanford.

When I arrived at my home in Shapleigh the road conditions changed. Sand had been put down but
icy spots were still clear as the drizzle continued.

My dirt driveway was slippery with frozen pine needles and leaves.

After carefully getting into the house I backed out and spread the stairs and driveway with
sand that I keep on the porch; and then I stopped to look.

The picnic table was frozen and the trees were covered with layers of ice. The lake is free
after the season of winter but the island which is home to the red winged blackbirds looks like
a mystery, coated in frost.

The birch trees hang low with the weight of the ice on their delicate bare branches.

The evergreen outside my window has a crown of glistening ice drops.

I did fill the bird feeders but hoped that the birds were in a safe warm place for now.

Casa disappeared for a few minutes as she moved slowly across the beach to my neighbor’s yard.
She came when I called, as she always does.

I carefully ventured to the shore line and looked down on the magnificent scene at my feet. The
tiny flowers and grasses had created a frozen beautiful bouquet for me.

How simple, how small, how wonderful this day is.

The following morning there was still frost in the shaded area behind the house; but the loons
have returned to the lake!

April 1, 2016

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