Random Thoughts

40 degrees and sunny

... it was so nice.

by Shirley Rabb

I took a chair outside to read; the picnic table was still wet from yesterday’s frost.

I had a sandwich, a drink, a book, and the sunshine.

It is quiet; still, with no sound but the whisper of the pine trees as they seem to move without any wind.

No cars, no dogs, not even the sound of the birds.

The sun was warm on my jacket and Casa sat on the damp ground at my feet. Not even a squirrel or chipmunk to chase as she sat quietly contemplating the silence.

After about 45 minutes my hands got cold from holding my book so I packed up the chair, the book and the rest of my coke and went onto the house.

Now sitting with the book in my lap, looking out at the sunshine, the trees, and the lake, I am still enjoying the peaceful quiet.

April 1, 2016

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