A Cook's Recipes

... they say to ask ten...no, make that 10 thousand cooks how to fry a chicken, and you are
likely to receive 10 million different answers

by Betty Rossi

  O.K. So when most people my age are in the process of downsizing, I
seem to be holding on to possessions for dear life! Not that I am a dumping ground for friends and
family who are trying to purge their goods, but they seem to know that their things will have a
"good life" with me and that I will treasure them forever.

My newest treasure trove is cookbooks and old collected recipes. How do you ever get rid of these
handwritten, food splattered recipes?

I'll never, ever be able to cook them all. There aren't enough days or meals left in my lifetime.

I'm writing this on St. Patrick's Day while I'm cooking my Corned Beef and Cabbage. My poor little
Corned Beef is going to have about thirty pounds of potatoes and about fifteen carrots put into the
pot in about an hour. I bought so much cabbage, I'm going to have to make Cabbage Rolls also. I'm an
Italian cook. I don't do Irish well and don't have any Irish Cookbooks. So, I pulled out my trusty
Jewish Cookbook, because my Italian recipes don't cover Irish Cooking either, and sure enough! A
great recipe. Hmmm. I have Cream Cheese. Blintzes? I have my Irish Bread, but this year it tasted
kind of sweet, so I made quick, quick yellow cupcakes with a quick, quick mocha frosting and some
quick, quick Chocolate Chip Cookies. What's wrong with this picture?

I don't have a Slow Cooker. I'm a hands on, let me stir it cook. I'm probably afraid in the back of
my head to leave the house with anything cooking. It must go back to the days when my mother would
make her mental check...out loud. Iron off? Stove off? Are you sure? Do we have to go back and
check? It's embedded into my brain. A dear, old friend and I were discussing the pros and cons of
using a pressure cooker. I don't. He does. I told him that it goes back once again to my Mom. She
used a pressure cooker, and made her wonderful artichokes in it. I can remember the valve shooting
off and hitting the ceiling and scaring the wits out of me. I don't mind cooking something for three
hours on the stove that might take the pressure cooker thirty minutes to cook. Sorry, you can keep

Now it's the day before Easter. I bought my Fennel and chopped my walnuts. I've made my Eggplant. I've made
my meat pies. I've made my Cheesecakes. Now i's on to the Biscotti and round, sprinkle cookies. I'm not
cooking for Easter this year, can you tell? We are going out to eat with my daughter and her family,
eighteen of us in all, to the buffet at the Cafe' Escadrille. Lamb, Ham, Prime Rib and all of the
fixings that you could ever dream of, with a chocolate fountain and I won't even have to wash the dishes.

April 1, 2016

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