Quannapowitt on a spring day

... the season is in full swing

by Shirley Rabb

The sun was out in all its glory. The wispy clouds hung over
the lake as it was being moved to the point of ocean like

The seagulls lined up on the shore perhaps thinking this is
Revere Beach without the salty water.

People were walking dogs and playing catch on the grass.

Children enjoyed the colorful playground and parents
pushed baby carriages.

There was shouting as each child waited their turn to climb
the stairs and slide to the ground, or to get their turn on
the swings.

One dad, with his I-phone, trying to keep up with his son,
as they passed each other in the air, legs kicking to go
higher and higher.

Dry leaves and small bits of paper were flying around,
tossed by the gusts of the wind. No one seemed to mind
as shirt sleeves and light jackets were the dress for the day.

Bare trees moved to the music of the wind; and it was a
lovely day at Quannapowitt.

The lake is about four miles from downtown Melrose. If you want
an ambitious walk you can circle the lake in 3.6 miles
on any given day.

    May 6, 2016

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